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Would you like to become a Trash Hero?

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Trash Hero is not by definition a "CleanTech project" because innovation is not at the center of the project. But let's talk about what Trash Hero is: an initiative of passionate people working with businesses and local communities to reduce waste on the island of Flores and more generally in Asia.

Trash Hero's mission is to educate children about environmental issues. We had the chance to attend the weekly English course organized by the NGO. His action goes well beyond the awareness of children. By organizing games and English classes, children are personally involved in a community where they empower one another. The energy and enthusiasm of Sofia and the Trash Hero kids touched us.

Trash Hero also involves local partners in their actions. Stores sell durable items such as reusable bottles. In return, they provide access to free drinking water. To close the loop, Trash Hero also partners with recycling centers that recycle and reuse waste. If you've been following Hit the Innovation for a few weeks, you have not missed the interview with Gamal Nasser from Ewazte. We soon expect that the waste collected by Trash Hero will be recovered and revalued by ambitious entrepreneurs!

To help Trash Hero, you can join the weekly beach cleanup (all info on their website) but above all, pay attention to your consumption of single-use plastics wherever you are in the world 😉

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