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UBPack Eco-packaging

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For some years now, the trend is to move away from single use plastic. Street food is one of the most plastic consuming activities. In Asia and in Thailand, street food is part of the culture. Biodegradable packaging is a solution to combine this way of life with sustainable goals. When we met Vara-Anong, the managing director of UBPack, we thought we were talking about food container. We were pleasantly surprised to discover that UBPack is going further. Recycle is not the only option, there are so many things to do with packaging!

First, UBPack is made with cassava starch and fibre and is biodegradable. After use, instead of throwing it away, you can put it in the soil and the product will slowly biodegrade within 3 to 6 months. This makes this product an eco-friendly alternative to single use plastic. The thing is that UBPack is really innovative. Indeed, the products are robust, much more than plastic but also much more than other eco-products we could seen before. It would be unfortunate to use it only once!

That is why UBPack team have decided to transform the products into something new and valuable. As Vara-Anong said « We try to promote the concept of reusing and recycling our products in a creative way ». The objective is to use the product several times instead of once and to transform simple packaging into valuable and decorative products. As an example, with a cup, a lunch box and some glue, UBPack team has created an original lamp or a piggy bank. Your imagination is the limit!

Vara-Anong has a long term strategy for UBPack. She loves traveling, diving and exploring nature. She runs her business while respecting the values that are important for her as preserving the environment and providing high-quality products to her customers. UBPack believe that cassava is an unexplored material and that there are many things to do with. They are looking for to extend their product range with new sustainable applications.

If you are interested in UBPack, feel free to contact us!

It would be a pleasure for us to introduce you to Vara Anong.

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