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Sustainability Trust is a not-for-profit social enterprise: part business and part charity. Their mission is to make sure that everyone in Wellington has a warm, dry and healthy home. They provide sustainable solutions for insolation, HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) and lighting systems. Being a social entreprise means that the profit generated by the business part is used for their award-winning programmes centred around environmental education.

Diana who is responsible for marketing explains that Sustainability Trust has sourced many sustainable and innovative solutions for housing. The core business is to enhance the energy efficiency of housing through insulation. As an example, insulating panned from glass wool are replaced by fully recycled plastic that you can touch. The team put its expertise to good use, giving recommandations for free on the most sustainable economic option to improve housing performance. You can read some their recommandation on their blog (link at the end of the article).

Then, Sustainability Trust team runs community based programs, involving people from all ages in sustainable living.

The first program that started is Wilderkids – an outdoor, adventure-based school holiday program where they get children away from TV and put them outside and make them discover nature and how to preserve it. The next level is their « Your Sustainable Schools programme. The objective of YSS is to measure the impact within the school and teach children how to reduce their waste or how to recycle it.

They also have a programme called, Your Sustainable Workplace which helps companies to build a culture of environmental responsibility in the office. The principle is the same than is the YSS programme. Educating people and providing sustainable alternatives to current business practices.

It is all about education, it is about teaching people from a very young age the importance to look after the environment

Sustainability Trust also runs the Wellington Curtain Bank. It is a 100% non-profit organisation. It receives financial support from Genesis Energy, but is also dependent on donations (financial and good-quality curtain donations) and is backed by the core Curtain Bank crew and incredible team of volunteers. Each year, they provide more than 600 set of custom-made high-quality lined curtains to low income families in Wellington region.

Sustainability Trust is a good example of mixing business and charity, using knowledge and willpower of the team to have a good impact on the environment and on the community. If you are Wellington based, you can make sure that Sustainability Trust can support your housing project!

PS: they also have a shop -located in Wellington city center- with sustainable products as soap bars, recycled cups, wood games and chocolate ;)

If you are interested in Sustainability Trust business, feel free to contact us!

It would be a pleasure for us to introduce you to Diana.

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