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Reform low grade plastic

· Waste management

Plastic is waste only if you waste it. There are tons of plastic waste everywhere in the world and Vietnam is one of the main contributors. High grade quality plastic like plastic bottles are partially recycled. The process is already well organised. Pickers collect the plastic bottles on the streets, they are payed by the collection centre, then plastic waste travel to Ho Chi Minh City to get recycled. It is a long process but it is better that nothing, right? What about the low grade plastic? What about the straws, styrofoam and plastic bags that pollute our beaches and oceans?

When we met Jan and Kasia, we loved their business philosophy. Plastic is a free resource, we just have to find a way to value it: giving plastic waste a second life. This is how they have created « Reform », to reform new products from low grade plastic waste.

They also considered the process to make it more efficient and more valuable for pickers. Pickers earn between 10 to 20 cent per hour of picking high grade plastic. They can earn more by collecting low grade plastic in the same time. Then, the Reform team teaches them how to transform the low grade plastic into valuable products, give them access to the machinery and buy the products made from low grade plastic for central distribution. Reform team also gives to the pickers and the managers the guarantee to buy their plastic or products at a fair price. That means they give them the opportunity to add value to their job and increase their income by up to 400%.

The first Reform centre is now opening in Da Nang by 2020 and even more in other areas. To establish more centres and growing faster, Reform will raise funds. The first finish product that they will launch is a separation waste bin. The objective is to install it in front of each house. In the future, pickers will be able to collect their « raw material » easily and use the time they saved to produce added-value products.

If you are interested in this project, feel free to contact us!

It would be a pleasure for us to introduce you to Jan.

Loïc's first "reform" product!

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