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JokoSun illuminates homes & businesses

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Raymond's enthusiasm is communicative. This French-Senegalese told me his story between Africa and France. His childhood in Dakar, the evenings at his grandparents' home when he read lit only by candles. I understand then the origin of his project and his commitment to illuminate Senegalese homes and businesses.

Access to electricity solutions are expensive and dangerous in Senegal. Yet they benefit from the most sustainable and stable energy available: the sun. For Raymond, the solution was clear: use this clean energy to make it accessible to rural population. How? By offering connected solar and renewable solutions. JokoSun manage everything from installation to maintenance. A turnkey offer that facilitates access to sustainable energy in complete safety.

Raymond is currently looking for talents to join his team. Passionate people who share his philosophy, on both the technical side and the business development. In addition, an ambitious project such as Jokosun requires financial investments. Dear investors, I guarantee you that after meeting Raymond (and having read his business plan), you will be impressed!

"My general philosophy of life is based on being useful to people" - Raymond SARR

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