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Six billion people generate wastewater everyday. Wastewater aeration is the process of adding air into wastewater to treat it without any chemical treatment. Aeration systems represents 70% of energy consumption of wastewater treatment. According to Boonyarit, CEO and founder of Hydrid Aerator, 2% of the global power is spent in aeration systems. If the water treatment system is too expensive or too complicated to implement, people and companies just drain away wastewater without any treatment in rivers and waterways. It is a disaster for the environment and for public health.

This is the reason why Boonyarit decided to launch its first startup after a career as engineer in Thai public sector. Indeed, Boonyarit is a 58 years old young entrepreneur! For him, save energy means save the world. To achieve this ambitious goal, Boonyarit created Hybrid Aerator. His company provides solutions to treat wastewater in a sustainable way. Hybrid Aerator’s aeration system is more efficient, saves energy and is more sustainable than other solutions on the market.

To improve the efficiency, Hybrid Aerator looks after the entire life cycle of the product including operating and maintenance costs. Boonyarit explains that his mission is to help its customers to save more and more energy and money. With its products, they can save at least 50% of energy compared with their previous installation. He also sells its solution as a service to make it profitable and affordable for its customers.

Hybrid Aerator operates on the following markets in Thailand: residential buildings, companies and public buildings as hospitals and schools. The team develops the business in Thailand and they are looking for partners to start in other Asian countries.

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