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Starting a Cleantech project is not an easy thing. Being part of a strong community that shares your values is a key of success. That's why we have met Hubud, a co-working space not like any other.

Hubud is open to all type of applicants but attracts many sustainable projects. And for good reason, just after we arrived in their offices, the bamboo structure and the various indications to recycle its waste caught our eyes. In discussing with Kintan, we discover that their approach goes well beyond design. Many events are organized on the subject. Their philosophy is based on a balance between work, learning and passion.

This community shares common values. It is probably the diversity of profiles that makes this ecosystem a place rich in contacts. Hubud is cosmopolitan, we have met a lot of foreign entrepreneurs working in Indonesia. If you are interested in the Indonesian market, you will never feel alone at Hubud. In addition to being a place where you feel good, Hubud will advise you in your development.

Hubud offers many programs to support entrepreneurs in their business but also in their working life. They regularly organize startup weekend and many sustainable projects have emerged. To continue the adventure, they can be accelerated for 30 days. The goal is to consolidate their business and be ready to pitch their project to investors.


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