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Household biomass gasification

· Housing,Pollution control

Imagine yourself cooking with an open fire in the middle of your kitchen. It sounds incredible and yet it is the daily life of millions of Asian households. This method is dangerous to residents and especially women and young children who are more exposed to smoke. Fire also generates gases harmful to the environment. This method is nevertheless used because it has a main advantage: it uses organic waste accessible by all and free (coconut, corn, leaves …).

Sensitive to the environmental issues and living conditions of women in remote villages, Long proposes a solution: household biomass gasification. As he explained on is website "Biomass gasification is the technology of burning organic based material in insufficient oxygen supply condition. » This solution is better for the environment because it produces 2 useful products: syngas that is burned to cook and biochar that can be used as a fertilizer. It is also safer for the families who are not exposed to the toxic smoke.

Biomass gasification is cheaper than other solutions as the fuel. There is no supply problem because the system uses organic waste in the same way as open fire. Long is working on product adoption with local communities. Its goal is to make this technology adapted to women's consumption habits: an aesthetic product, easy to use and safe.

You can support Long by talking about this technology to remote communities. In Asia, lots of families are still using open fire, they must know that there is an other way safer, cheaper and eco-friendly!

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