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Hit the Innovation's origins

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My name is Camille, I am 27 years old and I am passionate about travel and innovation.

I have been a mentor in the startup accelerator of the IoT Valley for several years, in parallel with my job as a marketing manager. This is how I met Raymond, a Franco-Senegalese who implement connected solar kits in Africa to promote the autonomy and security of local populations. I also met Pierre Olivier of Ubigreen, he made a solution that uses IoT (Internet of Things) and Big Data to optimize the energy consumption of buildings.


These project leaders inspired me. The courage and determination they put into their projects is impressive. Their projects make sense. Why not go meet these inspired and inspiring entrepreneurs all over the world? Hit the Innovation was born.

Hit the Innovation is a « world tour » to meet entrepreneurs who are running CleanTech projects. These are projects that use and preserve the 4 elements namely water, fire, earth and air such as renewable energy, waste treatment or air pollution control. Innovative and sustainable solutions that take into account people and the environment.

As the project progressed, Loïc joined the adventure with the desire to discover new technologies. With his technical eye, he brings another vision on projects. This complementary approach made sense in this project that combines innovation, technology and environment.

But let's go back to Hit the Innovation... meet CleanTech entrepreneurs and promote their innovations, that's good. Linking these project leaders to create synergies and support the development of their business is better.

There are CleanTech networks mainly in France, Europe and the US. However, CleanTech projects are also developing in so-called "emerging" countries in Southeast Asia and Latin America. New Zealand is a pioneer on the subject but not very well represented. Nevertheless, all these countries are playing an increasingly important role on the international scene.

We're hitting the road and bringing you with us! By sharing our trip, we hope to share the energy of the entrepreneurs we will meet. Inspire yourself, take a few minutes out of your daily life, show you that anything is possible and make you dream a little... this is our challenge.

So, are you coming with us?


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