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"Tell me what you eat I'll tell you who you are » said Anthelme Brillat-Savarin. We can definitely say that Kasia and Emmy are passionate and involved for environment protection and people well-being. They care about consumers and farmers. In Vietnam, both are disadvantaged because of the middleman. Consumers have difficult access to clean products and when they have, it is very expensive and not reliable. Farmers don’t have a proper place to sell their products and people don’t trust the organic products.

Healthy Farm is a social entreprise and so much more! We went to a market that they have organised in Da Nang (central Vietnam). It is the perfect place to find local and organic products, healthy cosmetics and good food. We also enjoyed the time we spent talking with farmers. That is the reason why Healthy Farm brings something different, they reconnect people to clean food and to each others. If consumers don’t trust certificates, they will trust farmers after meeting them in person. This human dimension is a the heart of Healthy Farm project and we can easily understand why it is a success.

The project is growing so fast that they need to increase the production. They are currently building their own first agritech farm based on aquaponics systems. They involved local farmers and teach them methods for a clean agriculture. They connect them with B2B and B2C consumers directly. No middleman means decent income for farmers and affordable products for customers. It is a win-win tripartite relationship and it works.

The objective is to build 4 farms in Vietnam at the end of 2019 and expand the model to South Asia - Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar. They would be happy to connect with social entrepreneurs who lead agriculture projects in this areas!

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