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The beginning of the year is the perfect time to take stock and look to the future.

First, we would like to thank YOU. Following our adventures, promoting and sharing the projects of the amazing entrepreneurs we meet is the best way to help the growth of Hit the Innovation. Thank you to all the amazing people we met, those last few months changed our lives. Thank you for welcomed us as friends. Thank you for all the incredible moments we shared. Thank you for your energy and your passion. Thank you for doing all your best to have a good impact on the environment.

As a reminder, we have two main objectives. The first one is to promote cleantech projects. It is basically projects that uses technology to preserve the environment. It means using innovation to have a good social and environmental impact. The second one is to create a worldwide network of cleantech entrepreneurs. Sharing, listening, team spirit and motivation are the leitmotive of all the people we meet. We need each other to have a sustainable and tangible impact.

Now, it is time to look to 2019. We don't wish you success. Work and determination are the key to reach your objectives. We don't wish you luck. Always do your best and you will discover your ability to create your own luck every day. We wish you health to you and your family and friends. It is the only thing which really matters. We wish you to enjoy the present.

And we wish to the planet more and more cleantech entrepreneurs 🙌

Make 2019 incredible and sustainable 🌱🌎

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