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Phong welcomed us in its experimentation farm based in the South of Da Nang. Hydroponic systems is different than traditional way of agriculture. First, it works only with water, without soil. It means that vegetables are preserved from soils contaminated. Secondly, the system is entirely monitored. The system optimises the growth, oxygen, temperature, humidity and nutrients level.

H2O Farm is supported by DNES which is THE Da Nang - based startup incubator (Central Vietnam). The DNES team provides to seed-stage startups all they need to take off the ground. If you wonder if the Vietnamese market is interesting for your startup, you should contact them (website link at the end of the article).

Thanks to hydroponics system, farmers no longer need negative products for plant protection such as pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Farmers can produce 100% organic and safe food at a good price. It enhances both quality and productivity.

Phong started H2o Farm « accidentally ». After a few years working for a government company, he wanted to do something useful for people. The bad quality of vegetables was a hot topic in Vietnam when he stated its business, and it is still a main issue. This problem was also mentioned in the news and on social networks. Phong wanted to be involved in the solution by making fresh and clean vegetables. I twas not an easy thing, we faced some important challenges as methods or technology.

Now, Phong wants to monitor its installations to make is more efficient. Thanks to our partnership with ST Microelectronics, we introduced him to the Asian team! You can be sure that we shall be following up very closely the project's progress :)

Finally, we would like to thank the amazing team fo DNES. Without them, we couldn’t meet H2o Farm, they have facilitated the communication between Phong, the founder, and us.

DNES website: http://dnes.vn/

If you are interested in this project, feel free to contact us!

It would be a pleasure for us to introduce you to the DNES team (for english speakers) or to Phong.

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