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Ewazte: Uber for trash

· Waste management

Waste management is such a challenge in Indonesia. The waste is not sorted or recycled. Before we even talk about the ecological consequences, it is about the well-being and health of Indonesians living in the middle of the waste. In addition, tourism is at the heart of the Indonesian economy and waste is a drag on the country's economic development.

We were delighted by Gamal's approach: facilitate the treatment of waste by changing habits in a sustainable way. He wants to create a virtuous circle where each waste is valued. Ewazte buys and recovers garbage in front of the door of the companies at first, then of the private individuals. He then sells them to companies that will recycle and reuse them to make new products and generate value. He is also in discussion with the government so that each actor is engaged in the process.

Ewazte is an ambitious early-stage startup and the team needs support to implement the app all over Asia. So if you are an hotel or a company supervisor and you want to value your trash, feel free to contact Gamal! Anyone can help by talking of this amazing project around him 🙂

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