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Evoware: Seaweed-Based Packaging

· Waste management,Agriculture

Single-use plastic is the most difficult to recycle. Plastic contaminates the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink. We do not yet know the effects on the human being but we know that they harm seriously marine animals.

Why not use what the ocean offers us to replace these single-use packaging?

Evoware uses seaweed as a raw material. Their products are eco- friendly, biodegradable or even edible and healthy for the body. They also have a social impact on seaweed farmers by improving their livelihood. Evoware pay them twice by eliminating middleman.

Moroever, there is no risk of « deforestation » because seaweed doesn’t need land to grow. It also absorbs carbon oxygen so the environmental impact is very goof. Indonesia is one of the largest seaweed producer in the world with more that 11000 islands! Evoware doesn’t use any chemical to transform seaweed raw into packaging.

Even if the solution is not already deployed, Evoware have sell samples to more than 200 customers all over the world since they stated the activity in October 2017. No crystal ball is required to predict that Evoware will continue to grow. Next time you will buy tea sachet, it may be in seaweed 😉

If you use plastic to pack your products, you should talk with David! And if you want to be part of this amazing company, they hire interns (even French) to support their business development.

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