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Agriculture is the main activity in Thailand, almost 40% of the population work in farm-related jobs*. The production is leaded by rice. Thailand is the world's biggest rice exporter**. Agricultural production has diversified significantly to meet domestic and world market demand: cassava, corn, mangoes, pineapples, durians, cashews***.... At the same time, climate change has main consequences on farm production and on Thailand’s economy. To face this problem, green houses are installed to improve the quality and quantity of vegetable production. We met Puchong, Founder of Evergrow, a new service for farmers.

Evergow offers a solution, based on IoT and machine learning technologies, to monitor green houses. Controlled Environment Farm is a new technology for grown food anywhere 365 days without to concern about climate condition and pesticides. Their mission is to empower farmers with intelligent technology and innovation.

By using IoT, Puchong explained us that farm managers can control their production site remotely. They save time and money by knowing and adapting in real time the environmental conditions of their green houses. Many remote systems already exist. Indeed, Puchong and his team developed a cheaper system that the existing solutions on the market but they are also going further by analysing data with machine learning. Now, Evergrow has collected many data from different farmers and can give advices to their customers to save energy and reduce fertilisers.

Data is gold and Puchong well understood that providing high-value services is his core-business. Evergrow focuses on green houses maintenance but also wants to have a better impact on the environment. They are looking for partners to implement their solution in South East Asia.

f you are interested in Evergrow feel free to contact us!

It would be a pleasure for us to introduce you to Puchong.


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