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How to feed the world in the coming decades? In 2050, we will be more than 9 billion on the planet and one big question is: how to feed the humans but also how to feed all the farm animals. For now, the 2 main sources of proteins are soy protein and fish meal. Those 2 proteins are not sustainable at all! Intensive soy production leads to deforestation in producing countries. Fish meal promotes overfishing. The price of fishmeal increases due to the reduction of resources. How to replace these proteins while reducing the negative impact on the environment?

We met Gaetan in Ho Chi Minh City, South Vietnam. His solution is insects!

Gaetan and Alexandre established Entobel in 2013. Their idea was to convert low-value biomass into high grade products thanks to insects (species: Hermetia illucens – Black Soldier Fly). First, insects feed on organic waste such as grains. Their water consumption and their CO2 emissions are very low. They don’t need a lot of space to grow. Finally, Vietnam is the perfect place for insect production due to the warm and wet weather.

Entobel produces 3 types of products. The first one, defatted and dried Black Soldier Fly larvae, is used for animal feed. This insect meal is a high quality animal protein source and it is sustainable. The insect « waste » is also valuable. First, oil that is extracted from insects can be used in several industries. The properties of this oil are close to those of palm oil. Finally, insects produce a super organic fertilizer. Nothing is lost in the production of insects!

In the last 5 years, Entobel had invested in research and development. The Entobel’s team had experimented their products in fish farms. The results are matching expectations both on the growth and the health of the animals. Moreover, they have several big customers that are ready to implement insects in their process. That is why their next step is to scale their current factory to increase their production capacity by 10. In the next 2 years, they expect to increase the production by 100! For the second phase, Entobel will need to raise fund to support their growth.

We were won over by Entobel! In a country where the agriculture is still a major activity, Entobel has a good future ahead of it. Having a local and sustainable and impact is one of their main goals.

If you are interested in this project, feel free to contact us!

It would be a pleasure for us to introduce you to Gaetan.

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