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Chiang Mai World Green City

· Energy,Water treatment,Waste management,Pollution control,Agriculture

When we have heard about Chiang Mai World Green City, it seemed to be a utopia! A university 100% autonomous in clean energy, where roads are made of plastic and buildings of local wood, where students and researchers can experiment sustainable projects, live on the campus and grow their own food in the smart farm. This place exists and we were more than happy to visit it with our kind guides, Jed and Chokchai who both work for Asian Development College for Community Economy and Technology (adiCET) at Chiang Mai Rajabhat University.

AdiCET has three main missions. The first one is to be an academic college to learn and share about sustainable development. They have master degrees and PhD programs for students who have an interest in energy and environment. The second is to create a smart community that leads projects on the campus. They have all the support and the tools they need to experiment projects (biogas, connected agriculture, renewable energy…). Researchers and students share their achievements with the community and get feedback from final users. They can also live on the campus and participate in the experiment.

The third objective of adiCET is to connect with communities in the north of Thailand. The aim is to use technology as a tool to empower local communities. Creating valuable products is a way to develop local economy in a sustainable and positive way.

The adiCET team focuses on 5 cycles to manage circular economy projects: food, accommodation, energy, environment, and economy. As an example, food waste produced by the farm is gasified to produce energy. This energy is used to power residences. The objective is to implement those technologies in the communities. That is why the economic aspect is a priority. Creating valuable products with a solid business model is essential to have a large-scale impact. Chiang Mai World Green City wants to be a model of smart green city and demonstrate that it is possible to mix education, technology, and sustainability.

Chiang Mai World Green City is always open to welcome new students and researchers. It is the perfect place to experiment on projects and get feedback from local users. Thailand invests more and more in smart green cities: tourism, construction, tech…. There are many needs and opportunities!

If you are interested in adiCET, feel free to contact us!

It would be a pleasure for us to introduce you to Jed and Chokchai.

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