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Adopt my Tomato

The future of co-gardening

· Agriculture

Have the pleasure of picking up his vegetables and taste the incomparable taste of garden fruits. For many city dwellers, this seems impossible. Yet many gardens are unexploited by their owners for lack of time or expertise. Thanks to Octavia, this problem is solved. Its application Adopt my Tomato (available in France for the moment) offers garden owners to be put in touch with passionate gardeners.

A return to nature is necessary in our urban lifestyles. Adopt my Tomato allows to eat healthy and local at a lower cost while recreating the link between people. 

Octavia grew up in a village in Romania where everyone grows his garden and shares his harvest with his neighbours. The first benefit is to eat healthy and local but most importantly, it creates a link with your neighbours. This social dimension is paramount for Octavia. These notions of sharing and conviviality are also present in the professional environment. Thus, Octavia has developed an offer for companies to allow employees to garden at their workplace.

If your company has a green space and you want your employees to turn it into a friendly and productive place, contact Octavia!

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