• About Hit the Innovation

    Promoting and supporting CleanTech entrepreneurs

    Current situation

    Developing CleanTech projects

    CleanTech is developing strongly in France, the US but also in so-called "emerging" countries of Asia and Latin America. These projects are poorly represented on the international scene.
    Developing CleanTech projects internationally is time-consuming and costly because it is difficult to identify relevant people and projects.

    Our proposal

    CleanTech World Tour

    Meet CleanTech entrepreneurs around a theme: the use and preservation of Fire, Air, Water and Earth elements.
    The objective is to promote their projects and create a worldwide network of entrepreneurs in CleanTech.

  • Air

    Wind technologies, air quality, sanitation...


    Hydraulic energy, waste treatment, preservation of the marine ecosystem...


    Biomass, solar and thermal energy...


    Agriculture and soil conservation, eco-building, eco-mobility...

  • What we do

    Supporting CleanTech entrepreneurs to develop their business


    inspiring entrepreneurs

    We are meeting ambitious people who lead CleanTech projects. They will share their experiences, their key factors of success but also the difficulties they have overcome.


    CleanTech projects

    We will list the most promising innovations and sustainable technologies. We will also propose a mapping of reference ecosystems in sustainable development.


    a worldwide network

    We will create a map that lists initiatives, networks and contacts to facilitate international business-to-business exchanges.

  • Partners

    Thank you to our partners for their support.
    If you want to join the adventure and become a partner, contact us!


    Global leader in low-carbon energy

    ST Microelectronics

    Innovative semiconductor solutions

    IoT Valley

    IoT Startup Ecosystem

    Club des Ambassadeurs

    Toulouse Ambassador Club

  • Who we are

    Two travelers passionate about innovation and environment!

    Very involved in innovation networks, she has been a marketing mentor for IoT Valley startups.

    A Toulousaine at-heart, Camille traveled to France and Europe. She has done some of her studies in England. In marketing for over 7 years in large group and startup,
    Hit The Innovation is the project of her life!

    As electronics engineer, he joined the startup Sigfox in 2010. He brings technical expertise to HI.

    Loïc comes from Lourdes. He is an informed traveler: he crossed the Annapurna massif in Nepal, sailed on the waters of New Caledonia and above all, he climbed all the summits of his native land: the Hautes Pyrenees.

    Nicolas Das Neves

    Passionate about innovation and CleanTech projects, Nicolas manages the Twitter account of HI.

    Coming from Paris, Nicolas worked, lived and traveled in Europe and North America. With HI, he aims to widen the audience of projects and entrepreneurs working to build the world a more sustainable place.

  • CleanTech



    • It will take 2 planets in 2050 to meet the needs of humanity*
    • 90% of patents filed worldwide expire without generating any economic value*

    These figures* show that combining a viable business model while preserving resources has become indispensable.


    *Reference: Utopie.com, L'innovation qui change le monde (in French)

    What is it?

    For us, CleanTech is solutions that take into account people and the environment and have a large-scale impact.


    Clean technology (clean tech) is a general term used to describe products, processes or services that reduce waste and require as few non-renewable resources as possible. The Clean Technology Trade Alliance, a global initiative to drive the expansion of clean tech, defines it as:

    A broad base of processes, practices and tools, in any industry that supports a sustainable business approach, including but not limited to: pollution control, resource reduction and management, end of life strategy, waste reduction, energy efficiency, carbon mitigation and profitability.


    Clean tech was popularized in large part through the work of Nick Parker and Keith Raab, founders of the Cleantech Venture Network (now Cleantech Group) from 2002 onwards. It began as a term to describe the “green and clean” technologies, especially including solar, biofuels, fuel cells, water remediation, and renewable power generation.


    References: https://whatis.techtarget.com/definition/clean-technology-clean-tech & http://www.cleantech.org/what-is-cleantech/

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